Chalk Paint ® by Annie Sloan – Henrietta

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Chalk Paint ® by Annie Sloan is water based and highly concentrated to produce extensive covering power. The paints dry with a beautiful velvety matte finish.
For most purposes one coat of paint is enough. However some furniture generally from the 1930’s and ’40’s, has a coating which may cause a stain to come through the paint. Don’t worry, just apply clear shellac to the stain, and repaint.

* No priming or sanding necessary.
* No removing of old wax, paint, or varnish.
* This paint sticks to most surfaces, e.g. wood, paint, stone, brick concrete and metal.

Avg coverage per quart pot is 150 sq ft

~ Simply paint your furniture and wax with Annie Sloan Soft wax.
~ Bring color to concrete floors.
~ Paint wooden floors in solid color or create a translucent wash.
~ Paint walls and leave matte or waxed for an aged patina effect
~ For the French look, paint furniture in two tones seal with clear wax distress with fine sandpaper and wax again.
~ On a garden wall and furniture for outside the paint will fade and distress naturally without peeling.
~ For old houses without damp proofing use Chalk Paint ® so walls can breathe.


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