Annie Sloan Soft Waxes Clear & Dark 500ml Size (Large)

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Chalk Paint® the unique decorative paint by Annie Sloan and Annie Sloan Soft Wax are the perfect partnership and have been developed to work together. User her wax for protection and to give a beautiful mellow matte finish on painted furniture, painted kitchen cabinets and walls. Amazingly our paint and wax can be mixed together to make a colored wax. Try mixing Old White with the Clear Wax to make a white wax, or make a color Aubusson Blue colored wax for instance – scrumptious! For more ideas see Quick & Easy Paint Transformations by Annie Sloan published by Cico Books.

How to Use * Apply Clear Soft Wax with cloth or brush over dry Chalk Paint®. The wax will appear to darken the paint but upon drying this won’t be so apparent. For a distressed finish rub gently with Fine sandpaper AFTER applying the Clear Soft Wax then wax again. * For a more pronounced aged look use Dark Soft Wax over the Clear Soft Wax working it into any brush textures removing excess with the Clear Soft Wax. Finally buff with a cloth. *Wax is water repellent so can be used in kitchens, cupboards and table tops – aply two coats of wax and buff to a high sheen. *Not recommended for areas with a lot of water. Wash wax brushes in hot water and soap with a lot of water immediately after use. * Results may vary depending on previous treatment of surface. Always test in a small area first.


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